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Industry-leading organizations rely on robust corporate sustainability programs to reduce operational costs and environmental risks. These programs also unlock new business opportunities, provide competitive advantage and help promote long-term profitability. Through its corporate sustainability consulting services, Altura prepares clients for the rapidly changing future of smart buildings, data analytics, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and storage, greenhouse gas emissions and CSR reporting.

Our corporate sustainability process begins with stakeholder engagement, goal setting and strategy development. Altura aligns stakeholders from facilities, finance, procurement, environmental health & safety, marketing and other departments around common improvement targets and strategies. Altura’s team of technical consultants and professional engineers (PE) lead the implementation phase by providing building energy audits, advanced commissioning and retro-commissioning, controls optimization, renewable energy assessments and other services focused on reducing energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Altura’s reporting team helps clients gain industry recognition by publicly disclosing environmental, financial and social achievements using reporting frameworks such as CDP, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Bloomberg ESG database and other industry-standard frameworks focused on sustainability disclosure.

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  • Strategy Development and Implementation

    strategyAltura builds energy master plans, portfolio-wide design and construction standards, and performance tracking models in support of your strategic plans and sustainability goals.


    + American Honda Motor Co, Inc.



  • Environmental Scorecards

    background1For organizations wishing to benchmark their current environmental practices, developing an environmental scorecard is an ideal place to begin.

    Altura’s process involves a comprehensive analysis of environmental, social, and financial data to benchmark current performance. We provide a framework that can be used for tracking progress against goals over time. The results can be used to identify areas of improvement, prioritize internal programs, and to feed technical content for corporate sustainability or annual reports.

  • Investment & Accounting Metrics

    background1There is a growing need in the investment community for a clear, concise, and consistent methodology for analyzing an organization’s environmental performance.  It is now more important than ever to fully understand the risks and opportunities associated with companies and industries based on metrics such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Altura is evolving a new suite of services in this area designed to support clients in the financial sector by providing a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of environmental performance metrics.

  • CDP

    Broadcom Corporate Sustainability Consulting

    Altura is well equipped to help organizations develop and execute meaningful climate change strategies that reduce environmental impact and maximize disclosure and scoring potential with CDP.

    Our clients benefit from partnering with a technical consulting firm that is intimately familiar with the latest updates from CDP, industry trends, and climate change reporting methodologies.


    CDP is an international nonprofit organization established to provide a worldwide system for companies and cities to disclose their environmental impacts and take action to reduce them. Reporting to CDP provides companies with an opportunity to measure and report on environmental impacts, evaluate their performance relative to their industry peers, and demonstrate a robust corporate sustainability program to customers and investors.

    Benefits of reporting to CDP include:

    • Using an internationally recognized framework for measuring corporate climate change-related impacts
    • Understanding the key sources of GHG emissions and opportunities for reducing environmental impact
    • Minimize risks associated with climate change, including rising energy prices, water scarcity, changes in regulations, and other risk sources
    • Enhancing existing corporate sustainability programs
    • Measuring performance against peers and differentiation based on positive performance

    Altura is different from many other firms involved with CDP reporting. Our process goes well-beyond simple accounting and reporting. As a leading provider of building energy and environmental performance services, Altura helps clients develop and execute strategic corporate sustainability programs which drive energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas, and other environmental performance improvements. As a result, our clients are better positioned with organizations like CDP, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and other sustainability reporting platforms. Altura’s suite of climate change-related services include:

    • Energy and Environmental Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG Inventories and Verification Support
    • CDP, GRI, and other sustainability reporting platforms
    • Energy Audits and Building Portfolio Analysis
    • Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning


    Altura has experience providing CDP and greenhouse gas (GHG) consulting services to the following industry sectors:

    • Information Technology
    • Industrials
    • Waste Management
    • Hospitality and Gaming
    • Higher Education
    • City Governments


    CDP Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index

    Altura has led CDP support for a Fortune 200 corporation in the Hospitality industry since 2013. Our consultants were responsible for developing a comprehensive GHG inventory tool enabling our client to track, manage, and report on global emissions sources in compliance with the World Resource Institute’s (WRI) GHG Protocols.

    We also assisted our client with their CDP Investor Survey response and provided recommendations for improving disclosure and performance scores. For reporting years 2013-2015, Altura helped the client earn a position in CDP’s Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

    104% Increase in CDP Disclosure Score

    Altura team members have been working with a Fortune 300 corporation in the semiconductor industry since 2010 to help manage the company’s annual greenhouse gas inventory, CDP survey responses, and annual corporate sustainability reporting processes. Since 2010, Altura helped the client implement improvement measures, which have contributed to a significant CDP disclosure score increase from a 48 to 98 (104%) and an increase in performance rank from a D to an A- in 2015.

    Altura is also helping the client to drive emission reduction activities through building energy efficiency and retro-commissioning activities across the company’s international building portfolio. Using a stakeholder engagement process, Altura is helping to empower employees to drive change by developing and implementing climate change strategies, reporting methodologies, and emission reduction programs.

    75% Increase in CDP Disclosure Score

    In 2014, Altura helped a leading pioneer of programmable logic solutions based in San Jose, CA to improve corporate climate change-related programs to achieve a score increase from 56 to 98 CDP disclosure score (75%), and an increase in performance score from a D to an A- compared to 2013.

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    Broadcom Corporate Sustainability ConsultingThe Global Reporting Initiative uses a standardized framework for reporting on the environmental, financial, and social performance of responding companies of all sizes and in all industries. GRI uses a proven approach for benchmarking performance across a diverse set of indicators – creating greater transparency and improving public disclosure. GRI reporting increases the quality of information made available to employees, shareholders, local and international communities, and is quickly emerging as the gold standard for corporate sustainability reporting methodologies.

    Altura helps companies: navigate the GRI reporting framework, create pathways for collecting and analyzing critical data, measure performance, prepare reports, and prioritize improvement measures.


    + Broadcom 

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