Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

retro commissioning

Improved building performance is more important than ever, in light of rising energy prices and increasing pressure to improve sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Retro-commissioning (RCx) significantly improves the energy performance of existing buildings.

Our approach takes RCx to a new level, combining leading-edge technology with a people-centric approach to significantly enhance: Occupant comfort • Staff knowledge • Energy performance • Equipment reliability and lifetimes • Building documentation for improved operation


+ Pacific Medical Buildings Portfolio – Multiple Locations
+ World Trade Center – Denver, CO
+ Great-West Life & Annuity – Greenwood Village, CO

  • Our Retro-Commissioning Process

    Altura guides clients through the retro-commissioning process with a focus on the unique needs of each building and business—and on the people inside each property.

    Whether improving performance for one building or an entire campus, our retro-commissioning experts help

    • Set realistic goals and map paths to success
    • Identify and implement low-cost and no-cost energy-efficiency measures
    • Clarify and quantify the best energy-efficiency solutions for each property
    • Execute on programs with building-appropriate methods and technologies

    Through retro-commissioning projects, we’ve supported implementation of identified energy-conservation measures, including no-cost and low-cost improvements. And we’ve provided financing guidance and project-management support for larger capital improvement initiatives, including management of the entire bidding process to ensure appropriate pricing and solutions from vendors.

  • A Data-Driven Approach

    To maximize the scope of efficiency improvements, Altura performs a data-driven analysis, leveraging our unique Connected Building Commissioning (CBCx) process to translate buzzwords like “big data” and the “internet of things” into powerful tools for action. Our analytics platform helps

    • Diagnose operational inefficiencies
    • Pinpoint solutions and paths to implementation
    • Define asset-replacement needs and opportunities
    • Track performance of building systems over time
    • Ensure ongoing improvements through operator engagement and training

    Using the CBCx process, Altura helps building operations teams understand, analyze, and manage large amounts of data from a building-automation system.

    When used in conjunction with detailed building-system data, this analysis not only provides deep visibility into building systems, but also offers a quick method to diagnose and correct operational issues in-house.

    Throughout this process, we train building engineers to implement “root cause” methodologies, helping to quickly detect, diagnose, resolve, and verify performance issues.

    CBCx establishes benchmarks and improves data visibility, helping operations staff drill down to actionable data and continuously improve building performance. The process includes 4 key components:

    1. Discover: Analyze Current Operations

    We collect, analyze, and benchmark building asset information and performance data, establishing a foundation for prioritizing improvement measures and next steps.

    2. Connect: Unlock Stranded Data

    We establish remote access to building management systems (BMS) to unlock stranded data, improving visibility of building performance.

    At this stage, we use a remote fault detection and analytics platform to cost-effectively analyze and identify issues across thousands of data points for one or more building systems.

    3. Implement: Tune for Increased Performance

    We leverage analytical insights into building-systems adjustments and improved performance, maximizing energy savings and occupant comfort.

    Once issues are identified and fixes implemented, we monitor our analytics to confirm that the dual goals of energy optimization and occupant comfort were achieved.

    4. Train: Ongoing Savings through Training, Support, and Documentation

    Altura provides building operations staff with the tools and techniques necessary to ensure that system performance and operational cost savings persist over time.

    This step may include the development of unique systems manuals for each facility, which supports building engineers in making quick and effective decisions when alerted by systems, staff, or tenants.

  • A Record of Successful Results

    Altura offers a breadth of energy management expertise that delivers immediate ROI and lasting cost savings for

    • Single buildings
    • Global portfolios
    • Campus-wide initiatives
    • Commercial office spaces
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Multi-family residential properties
    • Hospitality and gaming facilities
    • And more

  • $2.4 Million in Annual Savings

    During a recent project with a client in the hospitality and gaming sector, Altura implemented numerous controls-related retrofit projects, including cooling tower, chiller, and pumping optimization.

    To date, this project has delivered more than $1 million in annual implemented and verified energy-cost savings, with an additional $1.4 million per year in pending savings identified.

  • 20% Portfolio-Wide Annual Savings through CBCx

    Altura currently works with a client that operates a large portfolio of medical office buildings, providing retro-commissioning support to systematically

    • Single buildings
    • Global portfolios
    • Campus-wide initiatives
    • Commercial office spaces
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Multi-family residential properties
    • Hospitality and gaming facilities
    • And more

    To do so, Altura extracts actionable data from building-management systems through a Connected Building Commissioning (CBCx) process. This approach identifies energy-efficiency opportunities and informs our team as they work with building operation staff to implement improvements and train for future optimization.

    The resulting program has uncovered immediate savings of more than 20% per building.


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Retro commissioning

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