Renewable Energy & On-site Generation

renewable energyAltura offers technology-neutral, unbiased analysis of renewable energy and on-site generation projects. Our approach is designed to ensure that on-site power projects are evaluated in the context of an overall energy management strategy. As a result, investment decisions are not limited to simple comparisons of the cost of power, but are expanded to include the value associated with power reliability, price stability, carbon emissions, and operational complexity.



+ Langston Dwellings – Washington, DC
+ Solara Apartments in Poway, CA 


  • Exploring Opportunities for Renewable Energy

    Altura has deep experience analyzing the feasibility and practical implications of a wide variety of renewable energy and on-site generation technologies, including

    • Solar thermal
    • Photovoltaics
    • Combined heat and power (CHP)
    • District energy systems
    • Microturbines
    • Fuel cells

  • On-Site Generation for Multi-Family and Affordable Housing

    Renewable energy is an important component of multi-family and affordable housing development. Altura is involved in several large-scale projects in these sectors, wherein we analyze renewable energy technologies as a component of development and/or redevelopment.

    Combined with energy efficiency measures, these renewable energy initiatives help to create healthy, sustainable communities and reduce residents’ energy costs.

    In addition, our array of partners provides critical support and expertise, helping to ensure proper design and implementation of multi-family and affordable housing projects. Our partners include

    • Developers
    • Public housing authorities
    • Affordable housing advocacy organizations
    • Utilities
    • Finance organizations

    Altura is currently engaged in an effort to design a best practice model, which commits non-profit and for-profit affordable housing owners to implement integrated energy efficiency and solar energy improvements across affordable housing portfolios.

  • A Record of Successful Results

    Altura offers a breadth of renewable energy and on-site generation expertise that has been applied to a wide range of project and development types, including:

    • Individual commercial building systems
    • Global portfolio strategic plans
    • Campus-wide initiatives
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Multi-family residential properties
    • Hospitality and gaming facilities

  • Sustainable Power Plant at Langston Dwellings

    As part of a sustainable redevelopment initiative in the District of Columbia, the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) was awarded a grant to complete a renewable power generation feasibility study. This effort would explore opportunities to redevelop an abandoned coal-fired power plant into a renewable energy powerhouse. 

    The new sustainable power plant will support the redevelopment of Langston Dwellings, the first public housing project in Washington DC that’s also a historic landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites.

    Altura is working with the DCHA to complete a renewable power generation feasibility study, exploring renewable energy opportunities. This includes plans to develop up to 3 viable scenarios for successful project redevelopment, using on-site renewable power generation technologies such as

    • Fuel cells
    • Turbines
    • Combined heat and power (CHP)
    • Solar thermal
    • Photovolatics
    • Other advanced power-generation technologies

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Learn how Altura helped Hoag Hospital in Newport reduce its energy consumption by 50% by balance issue resolution.

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