Hoag Hospital

Energy Management

Over the past several years, Altura staff have worked with Hoag Hospital on several projects.  Altura Principal Jim Meacham led a project to provide commissioning and sustainable design assistance for a $70 million renovation and expansion of their Newport Beach facility, involving a parallel project to provide retro-commissioning for Hoag’s central and cogeneration plant, which includes more than 4,000 tons of electric and absorption chillers and 4.5MW of on-site power generation. The project included significant test and balance issue resolution given the challenges of integration with existing hospital systems. Additionally, detailed energy management system data were leveraged to investigate baseline and post-project performance, supporting both the initial energy modeling efforts and project performance impact evaluation.

Altura has also been engaged with Hoag to develop and implement a measurement and verification (M&V) plan that will enable the hospital to identify key energy and water end-uses and trends, as well as progress toward established energy reduction goals. This includes the deployment of advanced metering systems as well as analytics tools for detailed HVAC system performance evaluation.