Broadcom Retro-Commissioning


Altura is engaged with Broadcom in several projects related to corporate sustainability and energy efficiency. Building upon the successes of an engagement to work on Broadcom’s Carbon Disclosure Project strategy, Altura is working with Broadcom to identify, prioritize, and pilot strategies to reduce energy consumption across their portfolio, and to articulate a company-wide Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

As a foundational component of the Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, Altura is piloting a data-driven retro-commissioning process for 4 facilities located in the San Jose, California area.  The project covers more than 470,000 square feet, encompassing data centers, laboratories, and commercial office space, and involves investigation HVAC, lighting, and other energy-consuming systems.  The aim of the project is to reduce energy consumption, decrease costs, and lower GHG emissions while improving tenant comfort and facilitating training of building operators.

Initial projections show that retro-commissioning is estimated to save more than $150,000 per year in immediate operational savings across the 4 facilities.  The results of the retro-commissioning pilot program will inform the development of the company’s Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, and will help drive savings at other Broadcom facilities.