Adobe Systems


Altura engineers have been working with Adobe Systems Inc. since 2012 to help support the company’s new tenant improvement projects with commissioning services and LEED improvements. Since the beginning of the relationship, Altura has completed multiple tenant improvement renovations, working in spaces ranging from office floors, to restaurants, retail spaces, and fitness centers. These projects utilize the SkySpark analytics platform to support ongoing commissioning, ensuring continued success of all improvements.

Altura worked with Adobe to innovate and implement “smart floor” technology, integrating the building’s HVAC system with lighting and occupancy data, allowing the lighting system to connect with HVAC systems to set a room’s air conditioning depending on whether or not a particular space is occupied. Automation system improvements were also completed to optimize the overall comfort and energy performance of each new space. The renovations span an area of about 300,000 square feet and have resulted in reduced lighting and HVAC demand.