Global Reporting Initiative

Carbon Disclosure Project Partner Companies are increasingly turning to 3rd-party reporting platforms to standardize reporting, measure progress, and benchmark performance relative to industry peers.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides an industry-leading reporting platform that includes metrics and methods for measuring and reporting sustainability-related impacts and performance.

GRI is a holistic reporting framework designed for use by organizations of any size, sector, or location. It contains content based on a wide range of consensus-driven input from stakeholders around the word and considers environmental, social, and economic performance indicators.

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  • Why Use GRI’s Reporting Platform?

    With more than 11,000 organizations participating, the GRI framework is quickly becoming the global standard for sustainability reporting. GRI enables companies to

    • Understand their environmental and social impacts
    • Evaluate their performance relative to industry peers
    • Take steps to improve performance
    • Implement robust corporate sustainability programs

  • Why Altura?

    Altura has years of experience working with companies to relate their corporate sustainability program to the GRI reporting framework. Our sustainability reporting services include

    • Creating sustainability strategies
    • Performing competitive analyses
    • Facilitating internal and external stakeholder engagement
    • Recommending sustainability policies and procedures
    • Supporting implementation for energy and environmental programs

    We work with our clients to ensure the GRI reporting process is completed not only to satisfy report guidelines, but also to meaningfully align corporate initiatives and achievements in a way that can be leveraged for a range of purposes, including

    • Disclosure to other 3rd-party platforms
    • Alignment with customer requirements
    • Marketing and investor relations
    • Employee recruiting and retention
    • Community outreach
    • And more

    Altura works with clients to identify areas for improvement in their corporate sustainability programs and helps implement recommendations to improve performance.

  • Our GRI Process

    Altura helps clients develop a roadmap to navigate the GRI reporting framework and keeps companies accountable and on track as they develop deliverables and report content.

  • GRI Kick-Off and Reporting Process Overview

    Altura begins by facilitating a kick-off meeting to provide an overview of the reporting process, standard and specific disclosures, and general reporting requirements.

    At this time, Altura helps define the following:

    • Report content
    • Timeline
    • Responsibilities
    • Material disclosures
    • Group-specific targets

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Next, Altura facilitates the stakeholder engagement and data collection processes to develop report content. We also work with stakeholders to develop language that accurately represents corporate initiatives and achievements, while complying with the GRI reporting framework.

  • Drafting the Report

    Finally, Altura drafts report content, including narratives describing key sustainability initiatives and quantitative and qualitative charts and figures to represent data.

    Using the GRI reporting guidelines, the standard framework includes the following elements:

    • Strategy and analysis: strategic view of the company’s relationship to sustainability
    • Organizational profile: overview of brands, products, and/or services
    • Report parameters: reporting period, reporting cycle, scope and boundary, etc.
    • Governance, commitments, and engagement: definition of committees responsible for setting business strategy
    • Management approach and performance indicators: relationship between management approach and the economic, environmental, and social-performance indicators

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