Energy Modeling & Analysis

Energy Modeling & AnalysisAltura uses energy models and custom analysis tools to evaluate the impact of potential energy improvement projects and new technologies.

While a powerful tool, energy-analysis software is also prone to misuse or misinterpretation. To avoid this, Altura goes beyond simple data analysis, leveraging our deep engineering expertise and commissioning experience to build models that are informed by real-world performance. Our modeling focuses on

  • Supporting master planning efforts by rapidly evaluating a range of conceptual design alternatives
  • Evaluating the performance of new technologies not included in existing energy model libraries
  • Forecasting operational performance of specific building systems

This approach ensures that we are only spending time and money to build models we know can add value, but also result in better decision making.

+ KL100 Office Tower in Kuala Lumpur
+ Sunnydale Community Redevelopment 


  • Why Altura?

    Altura is focused on making your business better, improving your asset performance, and answering your questions. We use a combination of commercial software and custom spreadsheets to offer nimble, cost-effective service.

    Our targeted modeling approach leverages the software and technologies that best fit the project’s needs—rather than one-size-fits-all solutions. And, because our engineers perform commissioning services and verify energy performance in the field, our modeling is governed by realistic assumptions and practical recommendations.

  • A Record of Successful Results

    Examples of how Altura has successfully leveraged energy modeling services include the following:

    • Evaluating design options for a highly complex building façade system for a mixed-use high-rise tower
    • Optimizing a campus cogeneration system
    • Performing a feasibility study of an on-site renewable power facility
    • Developing a custom environmental rating system for a large nationwide real estate portfolio
    • Optimizing a central plant supporting a hospital and community healthcare campus
    • Providing business plan technical support for a major retrofit of a multi-family housing complex

  • Sunnydale Housing

    Working with Enterprise Community Partners and a development team that includes Mercy Housing and The Related Companies, Altura staff developed a comprehensive energy master plan for the planned Sunnydale community in San Francisco.

    Altura developed energy models and provided financial performance analysis of dozens of energy-efficiency and on-site energy generation strategies, including

    • Improved massing
    • High efficiency envelope strategies
    • Multiple HVAC schemas
    • High efficiency lighting
    • Solar thermal and photovoltaics
    • District energy systems, including microturbine and fuel cell technologies

    The development of the plan included a robust stakeholder engagement process to ensure buy-in from all parties and support the success of energy opportunities.

  • Sustainable Power Plant at Langston Dwellings

    As part of a sustainable redevelopment initiative in the District of Columbia, the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) was awarded a grant to complete a renewable power generation feasibility study. This effort would explore opportunities to redevelop an abandoned coal-fired power plant into a renewable energy powerhouse. 

    The new sustainable power plant will support the redevelopment of Langston Dwellings, the first public housing project in Washington DC that’s also a historic landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites.

    Altura is working with the DCHA to complete a renewable power generation feasibility study, exploring renewable energy opportunities. This includes plans to develop 2 – 3 viable scenarios for successful project redevelopment, using on-site renewable power generation technologies such as

    • Fuel cells
    • Turbines
    • Combined heat and power (CHP)
    • Solar thermal
    • Photovolatics
    • Other advanced power-generation technologies

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