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energy management los angelesImproving building energy performance has become a top priority for organizations seeking to lower operational costs, increase operating income, and meet aggressive energy efficiency targets.

Using a people-centric approach combined with detailed building-system data analysis, Altura works with clients to manage energy across buildings and portfolios, driving performance improvements by not only identifying issues, but also working together with our clients to implement, measure, and verify performance of high impact energy projects.

This approach allows us to work with our clients to define meaningful efficiency goals and develop strategic plans to reduce consumption, monitor existing equipment, and inform capital planning decisions. The result? Immediate energy savings coupled with performance-driven equipment upgrades and replacement decision support to maximize operational efficiency.

+ American Honda Motors Dealership Portfolio
+ GSA Shave Energy
+ Irvine Company Office Properties

  • Solutions that Drive Immediate and Lasting Cost Savings

    At Altura, we understand the importance of realizing a fast ROI with energy management efforts. That’s why we focus on solutions that drive immediate and ongoing cost savings for our clients.

    Whether implementing improvements for a single building or system-wide upgrades for a campus or international portfolio, our “listen-first and adapt” approach enables us to

    • Collect and manage meaningful data
    • Develop actionable plans that deliver real results
    • Develop competitive bid packages to drive the best value for our clients
    • Meet or exceed project performance goals through construction oversight, commissioning, and transparent measurement and verification

    Unlike other energy companies that sell specific solutions or software, Altura is technology neutral. As our clients’ trusted advisor, we recommend only those solutions and technologies that will produce significant and lasting energy savings at the lowest lifecycle cost.

  • A Data-Driven Approach

    Inefficiencies in one or more building systems may not become apparent through short-term monitoring or observation. We deploy advanced diagnostic tools that

    • Continuously analyze detailed building automation system data
    • Quickly and effectively uncover opportunities for operational improvements

    We base improvement recommendations on data, not guesswork, proposing specific, actionable measures that reduce inefficiencies, improve comfort, and provide the fastest ROI.

  • Developing Effective Efficiency Goals

    Prior to making energy efficiency improvements, we establish baseline measurements that identify key energy end-uses and trends. This allows us to develop meaningful efficiency goals from the outset.

    Performance-driven measurement and verification (M&V) programs help us record progress toward established energy-reduction goals. Designed for thorough system performance evaluation, our M&V programs include

    • Deployment of advanced metering systems
    • Implementation of cutting-edge analytics tools
    • Ongoing support to ensure performance targets are maintained over time

  • Over $130k in Annual Savings

    Altura is working with a Fortune 300 global high tech firm to develop and implement a global energy-management strategy to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions while increasing the resiliency of critical infrastructure. Our multi-layer strategy scales from corporate goal setting and carbon disclosure, through energy procurement support, to building and system-level optimization.

    We’ve gone beyond setting performance goals with broad strategies, to work on a facility-by-facility basis, developing specific and actionable plans for improvement.

    Supported by our Connected Building Commissioning process that leverages deep building-data analytics tools, our recent work at 3 facilities in northern California has led to the implementation of controls enhancement and retrofit projects that will deliver more than $130k in annual energy savings—all while addressing much needed critical infrastructure risk and maintenance needs.

  • Up to $1M in Potential Annual Savings

    Altura recently provided engineering and technical services for a large energy efficiency and renewable energy project proposed in San Francisco. The project includes detailed feasibility studies, lifecycle costing, deep utility data analysis, and the development of a comprehensive energy plan.

    The scope of the project covers 20 housing sites and nearly 1200 units, with estimated utility savings of $600k – $1M per year once fully implemented.

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