Audits & Benchmarking

Energy auditing is a key first step in evaluating an existing building to identify improvements that will:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Decrease GHG emissions
  • Cut operating costs
  • Increase occupant comfort
  • Improve equipment reliability

Benchmarking is a process that captures fundamental building data in order to set a baseline for energy consumption as well as compare performance to other buildings with similar characteristics. The combination of these findings can be used to develop comprehensive plans for facility performance improvements.


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  • Why Altura?

    Altura audits client facilities and benchmarks performance as a foundation for more comprehensive initiatives, such as the development of energy efficiency strategic plans, retro-commissioning programs, or portfolio-wide energy management programs.

    Our team is skilled at working with clients to leverage data from an audit and benchmarking projects to inform implementation strategies. We focus on developing realistic and actionable plans which accomplish goals within budget. 

    Altura is technology neutral, and we serve as an unbiased, trusted advisor for our clients. We spend time understanding the unique challenges and needs of each facility, and recommend only those solutions that will create immediate and lasting energy savings and make business sense for our clients.

  • Our Audit & Benchmarking Process

    To pinpoint the energy improvements that will most effectively reduce a building’s operational expenses, we implement a process that includes several key tasks:

    • Detailed review of historical energy consumption, demand, and costs
    • On-site equipment evaluation
    • Interviews with building operations staff
    • Evaluation of building automation system trend data
    • Analysis of any available occupant comfort surveys
    • Review of any previous energy audits, commissioning, or related activities

    This analysis allows us to develop meaningful benchmarks and trends relative to energy and cost performance. This deep visibility into building energy usage and cost performance helps to inform

    • Energy efficiency projects
    • Low-cost operations improvement strategies
    • Major investments, equipment upgrades, and leasing decisions
    • GHG reduction projects
    • Space programming decisions

  • On-site Investigative Visits

    During on-site visits, Altura engineers work closely with facility staff to become familiar with all aspects of a building’s energy usage and systems, including

    • Mechanical equipment
    • Tenant spaces
    • Controls systems
    • Automation systems
    • Operational characteristics
    • Operating practices
    • Known issues/areas of concern

    Altura also works directly with mechanical and building automation systems to identify and troubleshoot issues.

  • Energy Audit Reporting

    Altura audit and benchmarking reports forecast energy consumption and cost savings for all identified energy conservation measures (ECMs), as well as any capital costs and incentives/rebates available for each measure.

    We prioritize measures based on their impact, including

    • ROI
    • Tenant thermal comfort
    • Acoustics
    • Equipment reliability

    Our audit and benchmarking exercise often forms the foundation of an energy-efficiency strategic plan. This roadmap guides clients in identifying, prioritizing, and executing energy-efficiency projects.

    To drive long-term, persistent energy savings, Altura also works with clients to build capacity within building operations staff.

    Altura is teamed with a financing partner that enables us to offer financing for energy efficiency projects with no up-front investment while achieving cost savings from day one.

  • A Record of Successful Results

    Altura offers a breadth of audit and benchmarking expertise that delivers immediate ROI and lasting cost savings for

    • Single buildings
    • Global portfolios
    • Campus-wide initiatives
    • Commercial office spaces
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Multi-family residential properties
    • Hospitality and gaming facilities
    • And more

  • $560k in Annual Savings, Payback in Less than 3 Years

    Altura helped a client in the technology sector identify nearly $560k in annual savings at their San Jose complex, representing nearly 10% energy savings and GHG reductions of 1,730 metric tons, with an aggregate simple payback of less than 3 years for identified energy conservation measures.

    Building on this plan, Altura developed bid documents and managed the bidding process for the first phase of implementation, representing nearly $400k in capital upgrades.

    Implementation is currently in process, and Altura is supporting the project with our Connected Building Commissioning process to ensure projected savings targets are met and exceeded.

  • Annual Projected Savings of More than $130k

    Altura worked with a client in the healthcare sector to develop and implement a measurement and verification (M&V) plan that will enable the hospital to identify key energy and water end-uses and trends, as well as progress toward established energy-reduction goals.

    The plan includes the deployment of advanced metering systems as well as analytics tools for detailed HVAC system performance evaluation. Current utility savings projected from ongoing projects exceeds $130k per year.

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