Great problem-solving and client service never go out of style.

Serving as a trusted advisor for your organization’s environmental and sustainability goals.

Altura is a different type of professional services firm that goes beyond the traditional consulting model.  Rather than simply providing a one-size-fits-all solution, our team works closely with our client organizations to develop programs that offer immediate and lasting impacts, build capacity, and drive long-term value.

The Altura team is unmatched when it comes to combining the energy and environmental analysis expertise and people skills necessary to help you achieve your organizational goals and make your real estate work for you.

Altura was founded and is actively managed by a team of seasoned professionals who have worked on some of the world’s most efficient and iconic buildings, and for clients at the leading edge of environmental performance. Our team combines expertise in mechanical/electrical engineering, energy management, environmental science, and financial analysis.

New Project Award

CEC EPIC Project Awarded to Altura's Team

CEC Advanced Energy Community Project Awarded to Altura’s Team

We are pleased to announce that the California Energy Commission has selected the team comprised of the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), the City of Huntington Beach, Altura Associates, Inc., and the U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to complete a major applied research project to accelerate the deployment of Advanced Energy Communities (AEC).

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Connected Commissioning


Altura’s “Connected Commissioning” approach featured in ASHRAE Journal

A featured article by Altura engineers Adam Rohloff and Jim Meacham appears in the February 2016 edition of ASHRAE Journal. Adam and Jim discuss the process and benefits of adopting an analytics-driven approach to commissioning in the context of multiple major renovation projects at Caltech.

Read the full article. Posted with permission from ASHRAE.



RCx Case Study

PMB Connected Building Commissioning Case Study

Portfolio Retrofit for Deep Energy Cost Savings

Running an efficient building has many benefits including reduced operating expenses, prolonged building life, and satisfied tenants, yet there are barriers to achieving this goal for a single building, let alone a portfolio of diverse facilities. Learn how Pacific Medical Buildings (PMB) engaged Altura to develop and implement a program designed to systematically identify and implement energy efficiency measures across their portfolio.